Siyan "Sylvia" Li

Computer Science, Master's / Stanford

Siyan "Sylvia" Li

Computer Science, Master's / Stanford

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I'm Siyan "Sylvia" Li.

I'm a Computer Scientist.

I'm an Improvisor.

I'm an Artist.

Second Year Master's Student @ Stanford.

My pronouns are she/her.

Interested in human-centered computing, helping machines understand humans better and improving human-AI interactions.

I want to develop virtual agents that communicate with humans better.

Other Interests!


I create digital art for fun and for my theater!

I started learning art professionally since I was like 10, but I haven't been trained as rigorously for a long time so I am a bit rusty on things.

Apart from digital art, I sketch, watercolor when time allows, and do crafts. Knitting and finding traditional Chinese crafting techniques are also my go-to.


I am an alumna of DramaTech Theatre, where I have been an improvisor in its improv troupe Let's Try This!, a costumes designer, a prop designer, plus I served as its marketing director for one year. Here are a couple of improv shows I was in during the pandemic: Land Before Improv, The Witchhunt, Life, Improvised.


Thank You!

“La lala la lalala. LA lala lalala la. La lala lalala la. La lalalalala...”

Hadestown The Musical, Epic III